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Woah, when did 2023 get here?!?

Hey y'all. If you're reading this then you have stumbled across what is, as of this moment, the most website-eist website about me that you have the privilege of of being websited by.

I've been busy with life and family and haven't really updated this glorious space in far too long, and for that, dear reader, I humbly cry for your apology. That being said, not only have the family and I moved around the country (2 years in Tacoma WA, 1 year in Metro Detroit, and now just over 3 in Livingston Montana) but I've managed to finish my college degree. So I am now the proud owner of a BPS (Bachelor of Profesional Services) in Composition for Film, TV, and Games from the Berklee College of Music Online. Now I just need to figure out how to use that crazy degree........

Okay, enough of me yakkin, back to weekend familial obligations. Catch you all on the flip side!

Peace Love and Fishsticks!


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