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Festivus 2015!!!

I had a blast performing with Tony and the guys at the 6th Annual Festivus Extravaganza and Block Party. Our impromptu band (which I have dubbed the TL Band, since Tony and I share the same initials... and of course I'm wishing now I'd called it the TL Project) really clicked. Not too shabby for only having had (1) rehearsal. Of course the party vibe and fun times atmosphere meant there was no pressure and it was all for fun.

I managed to capture the night on my GoPro, albeit from a crappy side stage angle, but it works and will let folks kinda see and kinda hear how the evening went down. I set up a stero pair of mics (AKG C430s, if you're interested) on a stereo bar and set the whole thing up into my laptop, and got to the last step and realized I forgot the USB cable for my interface... and wasn't able to record anything that way. So... the only audio I have is from the GoPro, which isn't the greatest, especially since it was right by a monitor speaker. No worries, a bit of massaging in Cubase and it's acceptable.

Anyway, a good time was had by all and I'm excited to maybe play with these guys in the future. And I think I'll leave it at that for the moment.


#livemusic #festivus #tlproject

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