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about todd

I started my life long musical journey in 4th grade when I took up trumpet in school. That being said I have always been musically inclined. My standard line is to say that if it makes noise, I can make music with it.


By the time High School rolled around I had decided to play guitar, thanks to my best friend who was doing the same. I studied for many years with an amazing teacher and developed a steady foundation of jazz theory and Rush and Led Zeppelin covers. A passion for playing guitar was born. I also continued to play trumpet through college, where I was a member of the Michigan State Spartan Marching Band and studied music theory.


I've played in many bands, both cover bands and original bands. I've played guitar in the Pit Orchestra and Jazz Bands in High School, and I played bass drum and fife for an 18th Century Fife and Drum Corps. I've played guitar and trumpet in a travelling hotel dance band as well as jazz trios, and I've been in grungy alternative rock original bands. I've done some session work for local studios and have recorded my own material in my own home "studios." I'm pretty proud of my own work, and in fact you can check my stuff out (and even pay for it, if you like) at my BandCamp site. Look for links on the music page. I was in the amazing band called BJ and Todd playing at pubs, bars, and private events in and around San Diego for 10 years before moving to the great Pacific Northwest. You can find samples of our work on the music page as well.

I produced the weekly hit podcast "Life's A Binge" for 2 years, as well as recorded several other individual podcasts from time to time.

I'm currently knocking around the Tacoma WA area. I compose music and do sound design for video games, and am always on the lookout for a good band.



Getting serious on stage
The tie
Editing some BJ and Todd footage
The main axe
Working the crowd
BJ and Todd at the Blarney Stone
todd and his new guitar 1985
knob tweaking
Funk and Disorderly
FHS jazz band
full swing, FHS Marching Band
Midnight Riders Fife and Drum Corps
ah, high school
those were the days
big hair with the hotel band
the boys
BJ&Todd @ BayCity
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